Pittsburgh Skyline I

By jarrardcole

May 12, 2009

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Category: Urban


My first attempt at an HDR image using FDRTools in a long time. Love to hear what you think.

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8 Responses to “Pittsburgh Skyline I”

  1. I think it looks nice. I like the reflections on the river. And i like that the image is sharp.

  2. A very nicely done HDR. It is not over-blown like most.

  3. Really nice night time photo. Great colors and the lighting is perfect!

  4. Okay, call me silly. I see you did change for feed. Never mind:-) I like your first attempt at HDR. I’ve post 2 new attempts just this past weekend. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Pittsburgh. It’s beautiful at night. (If God isn’t a Tarheel then why is the sky Carolina blue?:-)

  5. this particular treatment works pretty well for long exposure night shots.. great work.. 🙂

  6. pergfectly captured nocturnal – excellent colors

  7. The HDR looks very successful to me. I like the warm glow of the city’s lights and their reflection. Very nice shot.

  8. very nice details on this superb night shot!

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